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100% natural Henna powder from ground dried Henna leaves.


Proportionally mix 1 large spoon of Henna powder with 3 large spoons of warm water, Rosa Water, or Orange Blossom Water to obtain a soft, smooth paste.

Adjust proportions according to your needs. On top of its strengthening and protective virtues, Henna also has coloring properties. The shade heightens according to the duration of application, varying from a golden tint to ginger to a darker brown.

Hair: Apply the Henna paste to the scalp and hair from roots to ends. Leave on from 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on the desired shade of coloring before rinsing thoroughly.
Body: for a tanning effect, apply the paste on the body during a bath or a shower. Leave on for about 10 minutes while repeatedly spreading to ensure an even color. Rinse.
Temporary body tattoos: apply the paste on the hands or the concerned area using an appropriate syringe or a thin stick. Let dry for an hour or two depending on the desired color. Lemon juice can be padded on the tattoo once the Henna has dried a little, in order to allow it to set better.

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