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Property : WARMING

Capacity : 200ml / 6,76 fl oz


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Cinnamon essential oil is known for its revitalizing and warming effect. This Nectarome shower gel with a delicate lather is especially formulated to gently cleanse and moisturize your skin. Its components include a soft, eco-friendly cleansing base made out of vegetable oils and Cinnamon and Sweet Orange essential oil. It is physiologically adapted to the skin’s pH and is completely biodegradable. This shower gel is therefore perfectly suited for daily use, without causing any damage to your skin. In aromatherapy, Cinnamon essential oil soothes and warms up the body. Sweet Orange essential oil calms and wraps you in softness for a cocoon-like feeling of rest.


Dampen the skin before applying the shower gel. Rub and rinse thoroughly.


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