ARGAN OIL Organic, aromatized with Thyme Essential Oil

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This Argan Oil is obtained through a cold extraction process. It originates from kernels issuing from hand picked fruit, for a pure and high quality oil, with optimally natural, nutritional and organoleptic qualities.
Argan Oil helps to fight against bad cholesterol while protecting the cardiovascular system. It is especially rich in vitamin E (500 to 600 mg/liter in the form of Tocopherols); it also holds interesting antioxidant properties.
Nutritionists thus particularly recommend it.

Argan oil, with its fine texture, light taste and delicate flavor, blends perfectly well with salads and raw vegetables. This thyme aromatized oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it raises iron absorption, stimulates the appetite and the digestive system, and helps fight against aerophagia and spasms. It is ideal for enhancing the taste of salads and meats.


Drizzle Argan Oil on salads or dishes before savoring.


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